The Carver
The Carver
Seasons 2, 3
First Seen "Naomi Gaines"
Last Seen "Quentin Costa"
Played By

The Carver is a serial-slasher who terrorized the Miami area. When Sean McNamara and Christian Troy do pro-bono work on some of the victims, they become personal targets of The Carver.

The Carver is the main antagonist of Season 3.

Trademarks Edit

The Carver, like any other serial-criminal, has a few trademarks that personalize his/her work:

  • Injects the victim with a paralyzing agent
  • Gives a short speech to the victim, involving the quote "Beauty is a curse on the world."
  • Uses a knife to carve a smile onto the victim's face. There is a cut on each side of the face, starting from the corners of the lips and going up on the cheek.
  • Finally, the victim is raped.

Victims Edit

  1. Naomi Gaines
  2. Unnamed Victim
  3. Unnamed Victim
  4. Sean McNamara (only victim to not get raped)
  5. Unnamed Victim
  6. Christian Troy
  7. Rhea Reynolds (only victim to be killed)
  8. Kit McGraw
  9. Kimber Henry
  10. Chelsea Myers (Sorority Girl)
  11. Sorority Girl
  12. Sorority Girl
  13. Sorority Girl
  14. Sorority Girl
  15. Sorority Girl
  16. Sorority Girl
  17. Sorority Girl
  18. Sorority Girl
  19. Quentin Costa
  20. Gina Russo

The Carver: Unmasked Edit


In the Season 3 finale, "Quentin Costa", The Carver's identity is revealed. It turns out that fellow surgeon, Dr. Quentin Costa has been The Carver all along. However, he has had help from the detective investigating the case, Kit McGraw.

In actuality, Quentin and Kit are brother and sister. When Kit was born she had a cleft pallet and was severely deformed. Quentin made it his life's goal to become a plastic surgeon so that he could fix his sister. However, what he discovered was that all the American people cared about was getting unnecessary surgeries. He blames plastic surgeons for taking away the true beauty in the world.

"They call me the 'Carver.' 'I am an artist. 'You're the 'Carver.' Fifty noses all the same. A thousand flawless breasts. You're the monster carving what's beautiful and real out of life."

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