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Sofia Lopez is a trans woman, who first appeared at McNamara/Troy to have scars

Sofia Lopez[]

Seasons 1
First Seen "Sofia Lopez"
Last Seen

"Antonia Ramos"

Portrayed By Jonathan Del Arco

removed from a surgery to reduce the size of her Adam's apple. Sean McNamara is less open-minded at this time, but eventually begins to see Sofia as the woman she is. He agrees to the surgery and learns that Sofia was once married and has a son who accepts her post-transition. Sofia calls Sean from the ER to help her trans friend, who has undergone sexual reassignment surgery by an unlicensed surgeon and is bleeding badly. Sean arrives at the hospital and assists in treating Sofia's friend after berating another physician for not treating a patient based on her gender identity. Sean asks Sofia to reveal the name of the surgeon who did this to her friend, but Sofia does not want to because there are few surgeons willing to do work on transgender people. But Sean convinces her to tell before someone else goes through what her friend just did and finds that the surgeon is his old mentor, now an alcoholic and operating from his dirty apartment. Later, Sean tells Sofia that he confronted the surgeon and Sofia is visibly upset that she has let down the trans community by allowing them one less surgeon. But Sean agrees to be her surgeon and Sofia is elated.

Sean is set to perform Sofia's sexual reassignment surgery but due to a brief sexual encounter with Liz Cruz,during what was supposed to be a makeover for Liz, Sofia becomes confused and nearly decides not to have the surgery done at all. But Liz convinces her that what they shared was not a sign that Sofia should not have the surgery. It was just that they saw in each other the beauty within themselves. Sofia goes through with the sexual reassignment surgery.

Sometime after, Sofia shows up at a women's pilates class and introduces herself to Julia. Initially, Julia is just as uncomfortable around Sofia as the other women, but she softens a bit when she is asked to sign a petition to ban Sofia from the class. Julia refuses to sign and offers to gently suggest to Sofia that she finds another place to work out. She invites Sofia out, but before she can say anything, Sofia tells her that she knows why Julia brought her there. She helps Julia to understand that she is no different than herself or any other woman in that class and Julia decides that Sofia shouldn't have to leave. The next class, Sofia joins the women again and everyone except Julia and Sofia leave the class, including the instructor.