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Silvio Perez was a former employee of Escobar Gallardo, a ruthless druglord. Silvio molested Escobar's 6-year-old daughter and then stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from Escobar. Silvio and his brother, Alejandro, went on the run to hide from Escobar.

Silvio ended up at the door of McNamara/Troy. He wanted his face changed so that Escobar would never recognize him, and so also so that he would look better for more little girls. Christian Troy approved the surgeries after Silvio offered him $300,000. However, Christian had no idea that Silvio was a child molester; he thought he was a drug dealer who was on the run.

After his facial surgery was finished, he wanted to have his waistline redone also. He paid Sean McNamara $20,000 to do this. In the middle of the operation, Alejandro took out a gun and threatened to kill Sean and Liz if they didn't wake Silvio up. Alejandro told Silvio that he just found out that his girlfriend is pregnant with his first daughter. "Silvio, you'll never see my daughter. I can't risk it. You've shamed our family for the last time." Alejandro overdosed Silvio on anesthesia and killed him.

Later, Silvio's body was disposed of when Sean and Christian tied hams to it and fed him to the alligators.