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Olivia Lord
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Seasons 5
First Seen "Joyce and Sharon Monroe"
Last Seen "roxy st. james"
Played By Portia de Rossi

Olivia Lord is a specialist in Eastern medicine and alternative therapy, and lesbian lover of Julia McNamara.


Olivia divides her time between Los Angeles and New York City and has an 18-year-old daughter, Eden, the result of a one night stand in college. Eden creates friction between Olivia and Julia and Sean McNamara, who believes Eden is corrupting his and Julia's young daughter Annie. An attraction is at first hinted at between Olivia and Liz Cruz, who tells Christian Troy that Julia is not a lesbian, and is merely experimenting. When Olivia is called in to assist on a client who doesn't want anesthesia while undergoing surgery, she kisses Liz, provoking a minor altercation between them and Julia.

Their relationship is truly tested when they are carjacked and forced to strip at gunpoint. Witnessing Olivia's hysterical reaction to the crisis pushes Julia into Christian's arms and they engage in an affair while Olivia returns to New York on business. Olivia appears to have a relaxed attitude to infidelity, at first advising that Julia sleep with Christian "to get him out of her system", and later failing to display anger after discovering their subsequent affair. She later helps Julia discover the truth behind the mystery illness that has been plaguing her. Julia discovers that Eden was behind her illness and confronts her, forcing Eden to shoot her in the head.

When Julia wakes in hospital, it is revealed she is suffering from amnesia. Olivia consoles Julia at her bedside, but appears to be out of the picture after Sean tells an amnesiac Julia that he is still her husband. It appears that Olivia has also helped Eden flee the city following the shooting. Olivia later asks Sean to operate on her because she has "aged 10 years in the last 6 months". Olivia does not tell Sean that she is on antidepressants resulting in her death. Eden ultimately pours Olivia's ashes on Sean and Julia.