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Mrs. Grubman
Seasons 1, 2,
First Seen "Pilot"
Last Seen "Conor McNamara"
Played By Ruth Williamson

Mrs. Hedda Grubman was a frequent patient at McNamara/Troy. She was an extremely clever and manipulative, plastic surgery addict. In Season 1, Sean McNamara left a cautery tip in her abdomen while doing a tummy-tuck on Mrs. Grubman. She threatened to sue, asking for $10 million in damages. Then, she alluded that if Christian slept with her, she would drop the lawsuit. Christian agrees, accompanying her to a black-tie fundraiser, but Mrs. Grubman cannot go through with being intimate due to her love for her dead husband. In the end, she agrees to drop the lawsuit in exchange for a lifetime of all the free plastic surgery she wants. Christian and Sean agree. Mrs. Grubman also appeared in Season 4 where she died of complications brought on by lung cancer. Mrs. Grubman has a husband, Marvin Grubman, who passed on several years ago leaving her millions, a daughter, who suffered from cancer also, and a 4 year old granddaughter named Isabella. Christian was the only person to attend her funeral service.