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Merril Bobolit
Seasons 1, 2, 4
First Seen "Sofia Lopez"
Last Seen "Merrill Bobolit"
Played By Joey Slotnick

When the show opens, and throughout most of Season 1, Merrill is on top of the world thanks to billboards he has put up all over Miami, despite the fact that he was the worst in the graduating class he was part of with Christian Troy and Sean McNamara. He's so famous and wealthy that he almost succeeds in stealing Christian from McNamara/Troy. Later on in the season, he gives Christian a Lamborghini in exchange for his girlfriend, Kimber Henry. He later ends up operating on a dog, getting sued by the owner when the dog dies on the table.

Merrill is found during Season 2 to be doing cheap, illegal surgeries in the back of a Korean nail salon. Not only is he performing these surgeries in a non-sterile environment, he's addicted to the anesthetic gas. Christian gets him to go to Narcotics Anonymous, even volunteering to be his sponsor. When Christian can't make it to a meeting, Merrill loses his mind and accidentally kills a woman who Sean and Christian refuse to perform unnecessary liposuction on. The salon owner and Merrill then cut the girl into pieces to dispose of her. Christian shows up and Merrill and the shop owner attack him, and Merrill, obviously very high, tries to perform a face transplant. Christian, however, tricks Merrill into removing his own face first; he passes out from the agonizing pain, allowing Christian to escape.

Merrill had cut a deal to avoid manslaughter charges and then spent three years in prison. However, being an informant, he was treated badly and raped repeatedly, tearing his anus. He later became Escobar Gallardo's sex slave. Escobar threatened to tell the cops on Sean and Christian if they did not perform surgery on both him and Merrill. Merrill received surgery on his torn anus, and then supervised as Escobar received his surgery. Merrill turned down the anesthesia and attempted to kill Escobar while he was being operated on, but was stopped when Sean punched him. His last scene in the show thus far is being carried away by jail security kicking and screaming.