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Kit McGraw
Seasons 3
First Seen "Momma Boone"
Last Seen "Quentin Costa"
Played By Rhona Mitra

Katherine "Kit" McGraw is a main character in the third season of Nip/Tuck.

She is revealed to be The Carver, along with her brother Quentin Costa. She is one of the two main antagonists of Season 3.


Kit Arrives on The Scene[]

Kit is a British detective who is brought in from London to help investigate the Carver case in Miami. She was previously married but her husband was murdered. Shortly after arriving in Miami, she entered into a three-way sexual relationship with Christian Troy and Kimber Henry. Eventually they kicked her out after finding that "three's a crowd".

However, McGraw only entered into the three-way relationship as a way to investigate Christian, who had become a suspect in the Carver case. This led to her arresting Christian for the crimes. However, Kit was proved wrong about The Carver's identity when, while Christian was in jail, she was attacked and slashed by The Carver. Realizing her error, she released Christian. She also went to McNamara/Troy to get her face fixed after the attack, however, Christian refused to do the work because of his false arrest.

Kit or Katherine?[]

In the Season 3 finale, Kit shows up at McNamara/Troy and shoots the Carver (who had turned out to be Dr. Quentin Costa) in the back before he can kill Sean and Christian. She explains that she got a 911 call from Gina Russo, who had been attacked by the Carver a few minutes before Sean and Christian. She wraps up the case and leaves the country.

However, after finding out that Kit lied about the 911 call (Gina was unconscious and never made the call) Sean and Christian do some research into Quentin's childhood. They find out that Quentin was an orphan in Maine, along with his sister, Katherine. Quentin always called his sister Kit. Kit McGraw is actually Quentin Costa's sister and incestuous lover and the two had been working together all along to pull off the Carver attacks.

Together, Kit and Quentin fled to Spain. They are currently in hiding.


  • Quentin seems to be the primary "Carver" of the scheme, with Kit only using the identity when needed.