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* '''Wendell''' (son with Cecily)
* '''Wendell''' (son with Cecily)
*Other children via Cecily
*Unnamed son with Cecily
* '''Gabriel Troy''' (son with Gina)
* '''Gabriel Troy''' (son with Gina)

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James Sutherland is the biological father of Christian and Gina's baby Wilbur. Wilbur was first thought to be the biological child of Christian. But once he was born, it was obvious he was not. Because Wilbur was half African-American, it was found that James was the real father.

Christian later tries to sue for full custody of Wilbur. Gina tracks down James to help her keep Wilbur. James, who lived out in Arizona, had flew to Miami to help Gina. He claimed he could not explain to his wife Cecily that he had a one night stand with a woman whom he had gotten pregnant. At this point he discovered a diary of Gina's sexual past.

He found that her diary claimed she had 292 partners in three years. Because of these startling facts, he decided to help Christian get full custody, instead of Gina. After spending time with Wilbure, he decides that he wants custody. His wife later flies to Miami to help him sue for custody of the baby. In the end he recieves not only full custody, but closed custody of Wilbur, allowing neither Gina nor Christian to see Wilbur until he is a legal adult. James then renames Wilbur to Gabriel.

Later, Gina discovers she is HIV positive. Christian contacts James and Gabriel and tells them to get tested. James flies back into Miami to have Christian test the both of them for HIV. After both of their tests come back negative, James returns to Arizona with Gabriel.

In season 4 James' adult son Wendell Sutherland gives Wilbur back to Christian stating that his parents James and Cecily were killed in a car wreck and that Wilbur never responded to the name Gabriel.


  • Cecily Sutherland (wife)
  • Wendell (son with Cecily)
  • Unnamed son with Cecily
  • Gabriel Troy (son with Gina)