Summary Edit

Sean and Christian struggle to keep McNamara/Troy successful in this declining economy. Meanwhile, Matt and Kimber have mixed results in their career paths, as Sean keeps himself distant from Teddy.

Recap Edit

Christian and Liz are going through a horrible divorce. Liz has no sympathy and does not give Christian any slack. She wants him to pay her back for all of her suffering and is angry to find out that he doesn't have the finances to do so.

Sean and Christian are having trouble at work. They are in serious financial trouble due to the recession and credit. Their business is still staying afloat, though, and another plastic surgeon (played by Mario Lopez) offers them a way to save their business by offering them some additional business in addition to what they are used to. Sean and Teddy are still going strong. Matt is not doing so well for himself, having bad luck and arguing with Kimber. Kimber decides to change career paths and pursue something else.

Music Guide Edit

  • "Glamorous Life" by Shelia E
  • "Axel F" by XABYTE
  • "Main Title" by Jon Brion
  • "This Is Why I'm Hot" by Mims feat. Purple Popcorn (When Sean and Christian were on the Yacht)
  • "Puttin On The Ritz" by Taco (When Sean and Christian were doing the first surgery)
  • "Pequenos Olhols" by Cibelle
  • "Ballad Du Paris" by Francois Parisi
  • "Time Lapse" by Derek Luff
  • "Driving" by Jack Arky
  • "Transmission" by Phil Lockwood
  • "Halliluya" by Jack Arky
  • "Psuedo Bach" by Walter Robert Thompson Jr.