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Burt Landau
210px-Burt Landau.jpg
Seasons 4
First Seen "Cindy Plumb"
Last Seen "Liz Cruz"
Played By Larry Hagman

Landau was a successful medical venture capitalist who bought the plastic surgery firm from McNamara/Troy in the premiere episode of the fourth season.

He appears in the first episode of season four as a patient seeking to have testicular implants, because he wants to "feel like a man again" and because he generally is upset with the size of the implant. It is revealed he had a bilateral orchidectomy and thus, has his testicles removed due to prostate cancer.

He was married to a woman named Michelle, who was nearly half his age, who was also his business partner.

Landau eventually found out from Dr. Faith Wolper that Christian Troy had an affair with Michelle. He then brought both of them to his house and forced them to have sex, as he can no longer help Michelle achieve orgasm. After the breakdown of this arrangement, he tried to have sex with Michelle, but ended up having a stroke. Michelle purposely denied him his medication and told him she stopped loving him after he forced her to have sex with Christian in front of him, causing him so much stress that he died. She then took out his kidney to give to her former employer, James, with whom she was secretly partnered in an organ smuggling ring.