Adrian Moore
Seasons 2
First Seen "Bobbi Broderick"
Last Seen "Joan Rivers"
Played By Seth Gabel

Adrian Moore is the son of Ava Moore and Dr. Barrett Moore. He was living in Miami with his mother. The two of them were having a sexual relationship and he became obsessed with his mom. He also developed a sociopathic personality.

When Ava starts a relationship with Matt and neglects Adrian, he does not take it well. He acts out and does all he can to get his mother back. He even begs her to make love to him.

One night, Ava and Matt invite themselves over to dinner at the McNamaras. Adrian tries to intimidate Matt's mother, Julia, by surprising her with his newfound vegan diet. Adrian then goes to Matt's room and tries to kiss him. Later in the evening Adrian lets slip of his mother's affair with Matt, beginning a long conflict between the two women.

As Ava is packing to flee to Paris, Adrian confronts her with a butchers knife and kills himself. She leaves his body lying on the floor and boards her plane to Paris. Adrian was 17 years old when he passed away.