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Manya has had a "female circumcision" as a young child, so she wants to have corrective surgery. A man requests hair implants all over the exterior of his body. Sean meets Ava, a life-coach, and enlists her to help out Julia. In addition, Sean has problems with Erica, still staying at the house, and Christian has problems with Gina.


Christian and Sean meet with Manya Mabika, a woman who was a victim of genital mutilation. Christian mentions a new procedure much to Sean's dismay and she decides to do it. Afterwards in the back Sean and Christian argue over who is going to do it until Liz flips a coin.

At home Sean learns that Julia is not getting pleasure from Sean.

Gina brings Wilbur to Christian's complaining because he got them dirty. After seeing Christian's ability to be a good father, she suggests the two of them have another one, this time together.

Christian gives Sean love making advice in the prepping room and them perform the procedure.

Sean meets Ava Moore, a life coach when Elias Perry enters wanting hair transplants since he can't grow any on his body. Sean suggests Ava talking with Julia.

Christian talks to Gina about adopting Wilbur and Gina takes it as him agreeing to having another baby. When he sets her straight she blows up.

Ava talks with Julia and convinces her to kick her mother out.

Christian visits Gina and finds that she has just had sex with three men. After seeing this he takes Wilbur away from her, swearing to sue her for custody.

Julia agrees to help Christian raise Wilbur and later Erica accuses her of being in love with Christian.

Gina visits Christian and reveals that she brought Wilbur's biological father with her. Julia finally gets pleasure from Sean but only because she's fantasizing about Christian.

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