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Sean's role on Hearts & Scalpels is expanded after he takes on an agent. A suspicious Christian questions Gina's motives for moving to Los Angeles and working at McNamara/Troy.


Madga was Sean and Christian's first patient this episode, arriving with her young husband, Jeff. Magda basically tore her hubby apart for how he looked and demanded he have a hair transplant on his chest and face.

More broad comedy ensued when the action returned to the set of Hearts 'n Scalpels. Aidan had to pretend that he was temporarily blind. Sean, meanwhile, landed himself an agent, Colleen Rose. Colleen managed to land Sean a serious new gig: the lead on Hearts 'n Scalpels. After Aidan was caught on camera doing the (very, very brief) nasty with Eden, the head of the network, Barbara, sent Aidan packing to rehab. Freddy managed to slide in a nice little allusion to Grey's Anatomy's own leading-man scandal: Too bad you're not black — we could have kept you around till the end of the season. Speaking of Colleen, she turned out to be a wino who seemed to have signed Sean solely to sleep with him. Colleen's definitely got some secrets. By the end of the episode, she looked to be a bit obsessed with the good doctor. Sean, meanwhile, is very quickly transforming into every bit the diva and lothario that Aidan was.

Julia's ongoing struggle with illness seems to be causing some major strife in her relationship with Christian. She even made him take an HIV test after she decided she may have AIDS.

Gina and Christian seemed to be getting along much better since she started working at the office.But Gina did make Christian kiss her, which suggested she might still have feelings for him. Then she went in and told Julia that she and Christian were having an affair. But it appears that there won't be any more Christian-Gina drama since the manipulative lady kicked the bucket at the end of the episode. During a rooftop rendezvous, Christian literally screwed Gina off the building

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