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Eden looks to Sean for help after getting into business with Kimber and Ram. A group of wealthy socialites hire Christian for all of their cosmetic surgery needs. Sean discovers another side of Colleen.


Lulu Grandiron is a socialite with a proposal for Christian to become personal plastic surgeon to a group of wealthy Beverly Hills wives. After displaying his physical credentials at a meet-and-greet dinner, Christian holds his consultations in each of their bedrooms, until Lulu comes to the office for her request.

The Hall and Oates tune is more of a reference to the video, which featured a woman who turns into a cat. That is exactly what Lulu wants. Citing Egyptian mythology and other mystical references, she wants Christian to “accentuate and enhance her feline characteristics.” Since Christian has been so badly rebuffed following his one cameo on Hearts ‘n Scalpels, he throws himself into the artistry of the project, trying to see how far he can come to her goal without her looking like a freak. Unfortunately, the other women wait until after the surgery to tell Christian that Lulu has been off her medication for bipolar disorder, and they demand him to return her face to normal.

Meanwhile, Kimber and Ram bring Eden into the office after her first porno shoot, in which she was playing Kimber’s younger self. During a climactic moment, Eden had asked Kimber to hit her. Instead of the expected spank or light slap, we see Kimber close her fist and give Eden a shot to the eye. Ram is impatient to get Eden back in front of the cameras, but she has doubts, and Sean comes to her rescue, offering surgeries to some of Ram’s older stars (much older) in exchange for Eden’s release. Kimber has mixed feelings about her anyway (which may have lead to the punch), especially when Eden refers to her presence in the industry as “nostalgia”. In the end, though, we see that Eden has taken up residence in the same bed as Kimber and Ram, so nothing has changed.

The practice’s PR agent arrives and has a run-in with Colleen Rose. After several questions throughout the episode, she phones Sean with an address and a request for a meeting. Sean shows up to find a shopping mall, and to find Colleen at a kiosk selling teddy bears at a time of day when she should be working on his behalf. The PR agent also notes that Colleen has never been a licensed agent. A furious Sean orders her out of his life, but return to his apartment that night to find her on his patio, her wrists slashed.

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