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The doctors are visited by Ike and Amy Connors. Amy recently had breast cancer and Ike wants to know what she went through by getting breast implants. By doing this he will also write a book about it and donate the money toward Amy's charity. Later the doctors tell Liz they are not going to do it but Liz gets them to reconsider.

Sean is taking blood from Annie for another reason then what he tells her when Julia calls asking if she can pick up a kitchen appliance and to see if Annie can visit her place.

Kimber returns so that she can get a better mold of her private area done by them so that it looks better for her "Real Doll." Christian refuses because he thinks it is another ploy for her to make his life miserable. Sean accepts and does it, but must keep the doll at his place or Liz will file sexual harassment. Later at home, Sean imagines the doll coming to life and begging to be violated. Sean does the deed only to later having Kimber asking for the doll. When she sees the state it's in he comes clean and they have sex. In the morning Kimber volunteers to make coffee and runs into Julia.

Ike and Amy return to request that the implants be taken out because Amy keeps grabbing them. While doing the operation, Sean tells Christian about his night with Kimber and Christian clearly becomes upset. After a while he deduces that he only did it to get back at him.

Julia wanting revenge on Sean goes to a bar and picks up a guy who takes her to his room. When she hears that he wants her to use a sex toy on him because he thinks she's a prostitute, she runs into the bathroom and calls Sean. Sean arrives and learns what his wife was doing. Disgusted, he gives her cab money to get home.

Sean returns home to see Kimber in his bed. But he finds a note from Kimber telling him that she had to go and she hopes he enjoys the new doll model.

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