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Jealous over Sean's new-found fame, Christian convinces Sean to tape a reality show based on their careers as plastic surgeons.


The concept of the episode is the shooting of a reality show that Christian has pitched to the networks. Cameras have been hidden throughout the facility, and the concept portion is shot in a style that mimics the typical reality show feel.

Cameo appearance by Tiffany “New York” Pollard, who is brought in to urge Christian to get more controversial and be the center of attention. This leads to him instigating rifts between Liz, Olivia and Julia.

Just as Eden is approaching becoming a one note vixen, she shows up at the office, burned with cigarettes during her stay in rehab. Bursting in with her usual flair, she throws out dirt on Sean and Christian almost immediately. But when the dust settles, and Sean offers to do skin grafts to take care of the scarring, Eden shows us a more vulnerable, frightened side of herself, who manages to make a real, honest connection with Sean.

Daniel Sands, by the way, is a gigolo who wants a facelift. The twist? As a recovering addict, he wants no anesthesia. He wants to use acupuncture, which Olivia has been trained in. With the cameras rolling, he threatens to expose Christian as a fellow escort, which leads Christian to decide that the acupuncture is not working, and they use the gas. All this turns into a slightly contrived way to put Olivia and Liz in close proximity as feelings develop between them.

The episode closes with Julia and Olivia having a heart to heart, and Christian and Sean having a beer together, talking about Eden.

In the end, the show (Plastic Fantastic) is trounced by focus groups as unappealing.

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