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A patient inspires Sean to take his relationship with Kate in a new direction. Eden uses extreme methods to persuade Christian to perform surgery on a friend. Kimber reaches out to an former business associate when she and Matt fall on hard times.

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The episode opens with Eden trying to blackmail Christian into performing surgery on a gay friend, using his affair with Julia as fodder.Christian goes to Julia, wondering what to do, as Olivia confronts Eden. Eden tries to blackmail Olivia into dumping Julia and leaves the house with the words "Nice try people, didn't work."

Meanwhile Matt and Kimber plan their next score. Later on their dealer shows up, but refuses to give them any more meth, since they can't pay for it. As Kimber is about to offer herself for the drugs, Matt flips out until Kimber has a flash as to where to get the funds. She renews a contact in the adult industry to get back into films. He immediately calls her on the meth. He offers a gig to Matt for a film called “First Time Fairies.” As Matt finds out that Kimber smoked the money for baby supplies, he comes to terms with the problem as he considers Ram’s offer, leading to a role reversal from Kimber, who then reconnects with the Scientologists and takes Matt off the set before his debut. Getting high again, we realize that Kimber is indeed trading herself.

Kate confronts Sean about his fantasies during sex. He admits he was thinking about a schoolgirl spanking fantasy. A patient tips Sean and Kate off to an interracial swingers’ club. After the schoolgirl romp (no spanking), they discuss the swingers’ club, which turns Kate on. He asks if they can come by and just watch, which the patient tells him is pretty common. Kate proposes a safe word on the way in, as a way to stop if things get too wild. Sean calls it a little too early for Kate’s liking, leading to a discussion of secrets kept and repressed hostilities.

After the ensuing blowup, Sean finds Christian performing the operation. As Chaz recovers, Eden uses more tactics to press Christian into liposuction for her. He ends up giving her weight loss pills instead, on the condition she does not return to the office. In the most startling scene, he has set her up for stealing drugs, leading to mandatory rehab.

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