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Liz tells the doctors that she is trying to get pregnant before operating on a patient. Afterwards, Christian offers her his sperm so she can have one.

Julia and Ava run through the park when she breaks down crying and reveals that seventeen years ago she did something but won't say what it is. She however wants her to help Matt with his grades.

Sean meets with Bobbi Broderick about getting a liposuction. He explains what she needs to do in order for it to work, she says she understands.

Ava meets with Matt and to help him get over not trusting him by letting him take a picture of her topless, in return he tells her about the hit and run. The next day he visits her and she makes an offer, grades for sex.

The doctors meet with Alegra Calderello whose oven exploded and burnt off her lips. They tell her they can create new lips for her, but when she learns where from she is hesitant until Christian talks with her.

Matt gets caught masturbating outside Ava's place and arrested. Christian gets him and gives him a talking too which confuses Matt because of all the awesome things he let him do before.

Christian visits Ava and the two talk. Christian wants her to stop seeing Matt and even threatens to tell Julia. But Ava, after learning how long Christian's been tight with the family puts two and two together and figures out who Matt's father is, threatens to tell Sean the truth.

Sean and Liz perform the lipo on Bobbi when Christian bursts in and yells at Sean about canceling Alegra's lip surgery.

Christian and Sean do the operation on Alegra and afterwards Sean introduces him to Ava. Ava demands botox and tells Sean that they didn't have the right chemistry. Alegra's husband eventually arrives and loves how soft her new lips are.

At a restaurant, Sean and Julia are sitting down to dinner when Bobbi arrives and shows everybody at the restaurant the work that he did on her, accusing him of botching the operation and ruining her chance at getting a job.

Liz finally accepts Christian's offer. Matt and Ava have sex after he raised his grades. The next morning, Matt meets a naked boy his age who says he is Ava's son.

Music Guide[]

Lies - Thompson Twins

Una Musica Brutal - GoTan Project

Milkshake - Kelis

Filthy/Gorgeous - Scissor Sisters

Volare - Dean Martin

Ocean Beat - Tosca