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Sean and Julia make a big decision regarding their unborn child. Christian and Sean hit troubling waters with their new boss, and they finally realize that they no longer own their business. Matt's family doesn't understand his new path in his life.

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Christian gets the chance to prove his women loving ways when he's given the opportunity to try and "convert" a young gay guy back to the other side. Mitchell is the boy-toy to Arthur, a gay millionaire. Arthur wants some work done on Mitchell and Christian picks up on the fact that Mitchell seems conflicted about how he feels. So the two head to a strip club and Christian gets Mitchell a lap-dance with a stripper named Blu Mondae. To pay for it, Christian promises to give her a breast reduction pro-bono.

The whole Mitchell thing seems to be mirroring Christian though, as if Christian is questioning how he feels. Later, Arthur finds out what Mitchell did and apparently cuts him off, he shows up on Christian's doorstep. Christian lets him in only to have him strip down naked and offer Christian oral-sex. Resorting to the manliest response possible, Christian punches Mitchell in the face and kicks him out.

Elsewhere, Sean was performing some pro-bono work on a man with severe facial deformities that he met in the coffee store. It seemed that he was only doing it in an effort to pick the guy's brain and learn how he'd lived his life with these problems. It's quite obvious that his unborn son is all that's on his mind. With the help of Kimber, Matt has opted to embrace Scientology. Sean and Christian think it's a waste but Julia funds Matt's choice as she thinks it's helping him more than anything else, including his therapist. We also find out that Ariel's dad did survive after Cherry shot him last season. He's in jail now.

Christian pays Kimber a visit and threatens her if she doesn't leave Matt alone. In the hospital's parking lot, Liz sees Michelle pass off some money to a shady woman. The woman then begins to grope Michelle's breast and the two kiss. This definitely has something to hint about Michelle's sexuality.

Sean and Julia decide to name their baby Connor and they both agree that Sean should operate on him as fast as possible to grant him a normal life. The last scene we see Christian getting a lap dance from Blu Mondae, who has now changed her name to Ashly Wednesday; but it looks as though Christian's mind is somewhere else entirely.

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